flyingtrapezeI read a book a few years ago called Learning to Fly: Reflections on Fear, Trust, and the Joy of Letting Go. Author Sam Keen developed a program around the flying trapeze and through it taught his students a lot about life. It’s a fascinating read. Mary Oliver, one of my favourite poets, captures the essence of the book in one of her poems, called The Aeralists (Twelve Moons)

Aerialists know

Doubt is the heavy thing.

They know doubt is the stone, the flaw

Named accident. The figure

Whose body flows

Over the rings of darkness

Is the perfect believer.

He makes it look easy,

Leaping from swing to swing,

Shining—a white tendril

In the garden of blue air—

And safer than men on earth trudging,

Fervent but irresolute,

Their doubt always a dark itch,

Over fields and roads.

—Mary Oliver


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