My Lucky Day

DSCN4269I have a weekend off unexpectedly, the first in a very long time. One of my professors scrapped our final assignment. Some kind of miracle. So I had time to play. My friend Megan and I went for a swim at Kits pool, lunched at my place, then headed out for a coffee on 4th Ave. Turns out 49th Parallel has moved to new digs and they have a room mate now – Lucky’s Donuts. I’ve never been a huge donut fan, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had a tirimisu bismark (also called a Berliner, or a jelly donut). Blowing her wheat free diet all to heck (and with no evident remorse), Megan had a salted caramel twisty cake donut. Both were divine with 49th Parallel’s unparalleled coffee, enjoyed in their gorgeous new surroundings. There’s a giant outdoor patio now too.

It’s hard to come to a full stop when you’ve been travelling at warp speed. I know I need to rest my exhausted brain and body, but I’m finding it hard to sit still. The caffeine and sugar aren’t helping. Nevertheless, feeling lucky indeed.

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