Cypress Composts!


I was cross country skiing at Cypress last week – on one of those gorgeous blue sky days. I took a cocoa and muffin break in the Hollyburn Lodge and when I was done, tossed my cup and wrapper into the nearest receptacle. Later, on a lunch break, I overheard the cashier explaining the recycling and composting set up to a customer. Oops. Hadn’t noticed the signs above each of the bins. Guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been there.

cypressbins600Cypress has put a lot of effort into their composting and recycling system, which was implemented in the last year. Even the dishware and utensils are compostable. Most importantly, they made sure they had a facility that deemed the plates and cups and forks compostable. North West Organics – a locally owned and operated company turns the organic materials into Class A compost. You can read more about Cypress Mountain’s on-going commitment to reduce their carbon footprint here.

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