Salmon in Still Creek!

In September, I walked along Still Creek with a group of students during my SFU course. In Renfrew Ravine Park, the creek flows above ground through a beautiful urban forest. But we also traced its route below ground, beneath the asphalt. The City of Vancouver has been very creative in their efforts to bring this polluted creek back to life. Over the past nine years, they have been implementing the Still Creek Enhancement Plan. They have negotiated with retail developers like Superstore and Canadian Tire to daylight portions of the creek and they have a unique lease arrangement with Vancouver Film Studios that helps to fund restoration. The creek also flows through Burnaby and that municipality has done a lot of work on the creek too, along with many other partners, like BCIT and numerous streamkeeping groups. It’s a wonderful example of the power of partnerships. All that effort has finally paid off. Just last week, the salmon returned to this urban stream! Watch this short video with Mark Angelo of BCIT’s Fish, Wildlife & Recreation department. Not only will you see chum in Still Creek, but you will see pure joy!

The Vancouver Park Board has just launched a PlaceSpeak consultation, and is asking for input on a master plan for Renfrew Ravine Park and Renfrew Community Park. Check it out to learn more and have your say.

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