Electronic Toy Recycling

It’s a good time of year to clear out all those old toys, to prepare for new ones that might appear under the Christmas tree. And this year, instead of throwing them away, you can take them to a depot so that all their various parts will be recycled! The Canadian Brandowners Residual Stewardship Corporation (CBRSC) was launched in July of 2012, in partnership with the Canadian Toy Association. This is one of many Canadian stewardship programs under the Extended Producer Responsibility umbrella. The website lists toys that are acceptable (electronic plush toys, remote control vehicles, hand-held game devices) and not (e-books, strollers, Christmas tree decorations), where you can find a depot and frequently asked questions. There’s a really cool chart under the FAQs that details how your toy will be disassembled and the fate of its components, most of which are plastic, according to a pilot study. The CBRSC is funded primarily through eco-fees remitted by its members. In other words, you pay for the privilege of recycling your toys.

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