Ball Girl

I’ve had some pretty funny jobs in my day. I worked at a cannery, sorting apricots on the conveyor belt and cleaning the rotten, mushy ones out of the slop tray. I was then promoted to the exciting job of pitting, where I fed one apricot at a time into a machine for eight hours. I lasted about ten days. I was a carhop at Dog ‘n Suds in Penticton. And of course a Compost Hotline Operator. But perhaps the funniest one of all was “Ball Girl” on the lottery show. Yes, in addition to being Creative Supervisor, writing and producing print and TV campaigns for the Western Canada Lotteries in Winnipeg, once a week, I would get all gussied up, then head to CKY-TV to tape Winsday. The late sportscaster Don Wittman was the host of the half hour program. My job was to pick each ball up from the machine as it dropped, then hold it up in my perfectly manicured hand and smile.  The camera would zoom in to show the audience the number on the ball. All that apricot work gave me the skill and dexterity to manage that feat. Although, I did drop the ball, twice.

Looks like Ontario has put some of their ball girl videos on Youtube for all to see. Perhaps it’s time to dig out all my old videotapes from the storage locker and transfer them to DVD. See if I can upload the one of me chasing the ball across the stage.

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