The Courteous Curtis M.

I’m not technologically adept. I got a new digital camera from my parents for my birthday this year. They bought it at London Drugs in Penticton. As my last camera was the size of a microwave, I needed a little instruction before using it. I went in to my local London Drugs and that’s when I first encountered Curtis M. I had had the camera for a month but hadn’t used it yet. He sized me up pretty quickly. “Look, there’s nothing to be afraid of, you can’t hurt anything,” said the 20-something. “My 90 year old grandmother has a camera like this. Takes pictures in her garden using the macro feature. If she can do it, you can. Just start shooting.” I headed off laughing, but with new-found confidence, as well as a pink suede camera case.

Now that I’d been using the camera for a few months, and had looked at the instructional DVD I got with it, I had a few more questions. I was also ready to print some pictures, which would mean downloading them at one of the computers at London Drugs. I’d never done that before. When I got to the desk, it was Curtis M. who stepped up to serve me. He lived up to his name. He didn’t just tell me what to do, he showed me. Took his time. Answered my questions. Didn’t talk down to me. Or make me feel old and stupid. I could do this. After all, his 90 year old grandmother downloads pictures all the time. She’s also one of the coolest people he knows.

I write about this exemplary customer service, because it’s so rare these days, so surprising and so touching to receive such care. Thank you Curtis-y M.

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