Exploring Neighbourhood Food Systems

I’m doing another summer tour series, breaking out of my own neighbourhood this time.

Eating it Up in the West End

Sat. June 12, 10am to 12noon

What is edible landscaping? Are back alleys and school grounds potential food production sites? How does a farmers’ market fit into a neighbourhood? Join author Spring Gillard and architect Sean McEwan as we explore Mole Hill, a unique urban housing project in Vancouver’s west end; a neighbhourhood that incorporated sustainable agriculture into its planning and design. The Mole Hill project includes the restoration of 27 houses, creation of 170 units of affordable housing, a child-care precinct, community gardens in the back alley and greenlinks. There is also a supportive housing and day care program for persons living with HIV/AIDS. We will then walk by the school gardens at Lord Roberts School on our way to the West End Farmers’ market. Tara McDonald, Executive Director of Vancouver Farmers Markets will give us the low down on this successful market. There will be time afterwards to fill up your cloth shopping bags with farm fresh produce. $35. Register: info@gardenheart.ca

Feeding Ourselves. How Do We Fare in Grandview Woodlands?

Wed. June 23, 6 to 8pm

How resilient is our food system in Grandview Woodlands? What resources and programs are in place to ensure our food security, and where are the gaps in our food system? Join authors Spring Gillard, David Tracey and guests as we stroll through community and school gardens; examine grocery stores and restaurants; discuss a range of food options and social programs. Take home twelve things you can do to strengthen the food system in your neighbourhood.  $35. To register: info@gardenheart.ca

Coming Soon: The Coffee and Chocolate tour! Learn about gourmet, organic and fair trade coffee and chocolate on this Kitsilano walking tour. Yes, there will be sampling!

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