Pocket Size Solutions

The Vancouver Courier, one of our community papers wrote a piece on our “pocket” markets this week.  We, the Westside Food Security Collaborative are doing our first pilot market at the South Granville Seniors Center on August 21st from 10 to noon. It’s all part of our work to help bring fresh food closer to where people live, especially the low income seniors that are struggling in our neighbourhoods.

In the article, reporter Sandra Thomas, mentions another initiative that has taken off – porch markets. I will let her tell you what they are. And in my neck of the woods, a guerilla pocket market has sprung up along the bike route to catch people on their way home from work. The market is run by a spirited, entrepreneurial bunch of young, urban farmers who are farming in backyards around the city. I love the beautiful, creative solutions growing out of the local food movement.

The Courier article got some interest from CBC Radio’s Early Edition. I will be attempting to be coherent at 6:50 am this coming Monday in studio with host Rick Cluff. Will steer clear of Pick a peck of pickling cukes at the pocket market.

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