Spring Gillard

Christmas Presence

One of the most precious gifts we can give our loved ones is our attention. So put down the phone or the newspaper, tear yourself away from your favourite TV show, forget all about multi-tasking and give someone your undivided attention this holiday season. Here’s Eknath Easwaran on why it matters.

By giving full attention […]

Concentrated Love

This is the January 15th thought for the day from modern day mystic Eknath Easwaran. I thought it fit Valentine’s Day very well too. The pink trees picture has nothing to do with parrots or one-pointed attention, but I do love it! Thank you to Blue Pueblo via the Green Renaissance Facebook page.

When […]


One of the points in my 8-point meditation program is one-pointed attention, another way of saying “mindfulness” or focusing on one thing at a time. In our multi-tasking age, it’s easy to say that it’s impossible or your boss wouldn’t allow it. But there’s plenty of scientific evidence to show that focusing is the key […]

Slow on Sunday

Orion, one of my favourite magazines, was running a fundraising campaign over the Christmas holidays. One of the points in my meditation program is slowing down, so I am always interested to see how others are cottoning on to this valuable tool in our increasingly wired and speedy world. It doesn’t mean […]

Beyond Candle Hour

My meditation group was hosting a retreat this weekend. We had guests from Washington, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands participating. One of our discussions centred on strategies for extending our practice beyond the set meditation times. It struck me that Earth Hour, the annual turn-out-your-lights-energy-conservation event organized by the World Wildlife Fund, was a […]