Spring Gillard

Detecting Radon


Did you know that radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers? This post is from Lisa Gue, Senior researcher and analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation. Radon wasn’t even on my radar.

Radon has been called “the unfamiliar killer”. Most Canadians have never heard of radon, even though […]


This is a shocking blog post from the David Suzuki Foundation. All the more reason to use natural products. Check out DSF’s website for more information and rate your beauty products on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep.

How much are whiter teeth and smoother skin worth to you? Are they worth the water and […]

Got Milkweed?

Photo: Houston Museum of Natural Science

Riffing on the Got Milk campaign, the David Suzuki Foundation has launched the Got Milkweed campaign in an effort to help save the dwindling monarch butterfly population. Female monarchs lay their eggs on milkweed plants which also provide food for the caterpillars. Milkweed has nearly been wiped […]


Just found out about this innovative public education project, a partnership between Emily Carr, the David Suzuki Foundation and Roundhouse Community Centre. Unfortunately, it ended this past Monday, when the 17 art students, 3 musicians and 3 city planners presented their soundscapes, videos, and artwork. I include it here as inspiration. There are so many […]

Home Grown National Park

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A great project from the Suzuki Foundation to green the urban fabric. All the information in their press release below and the little video above.

Canada’s newest “national park” is a vibrant […]

Citizen Scientists

The David Suzuki Foundation is looking for volunteers to help with monitoring the radioactivity in the water on our BC coastline. We aren’t hearing about this potential in the news too much, but it is still a grave concern. Details below. Photo: Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Become a citizen scientist and test the (Fukushima) […]

Connecting with Nature

Photo credit: TJ Watt (from DSF website)

When my friend Linda put me on to the UBC Faculty of Education, her contact referred me on to Dr. Robert VanWynsberghe. I emailed him, outlining my research plan idea – at the time, it was to take the book I’d just written and […]