Fazed by Facing the Phases

I’m facing Phase 2

Daunting and dirty work

Throwing out pieces of me

Emotions rising, as I stretch up

Reaching for the next dusty bin

Piled high, teetering, risking a total collapse

This giant Jenga game is jamming me up

I comb through precious memories

My hands blackened with grime

Sorting through the stores, the storing, the soaring

paper, lists, an accounting of my life’s work

From floor to ceiling

It’s all so meaningless now

There’s dread locked up in these past possessions

Block stacking, stack-crashing, tower tumbling

Wooden blocks, feeling wooden

How will I stack up?

There’s only one way through this abysmal journey

Focus on the task at hand

One box at a time

Let’s face it, Phase Two, is fazing me out

Free verse. Based on Storage Locker

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