Summer Heat

browngrassA reminder about the current water restrictions in Vancouver. This is from the Greenest City newsletter.

The record low snowpack on the mountains this spring is a reminder that potable water, even in our typically rainy climate, is a precious resource. 

Lawn watering restrictions are now in effect through September 30. Restrictions help to conserve water throughout the dry summer months when rainfall is at its lowest and demand for water in the Lower Mainland almost doubles — mostly due to lawn sprinkling and outdoor water use. 

On July 3, Metro Vancouver issued direction to further conserve potable water in the region by moving to stage 2 water use restrictions.

 While reservoirs still hold plenty of potable water for drinking and use throughout the summer, residents are encouraged to be water wise. By using water wisely now, the region can avoid further restrictions later in the summer. During this time, the City will take additional efforts to reduce water use:

  • Only water parks with user-activated switches will be operated.
  • Public and commercial ornamental fountains and water features will be shut down.
  • The City will refrain from topping-up fresh water ponds and water features such as Lost Lagoon and Charleson Pond.
  • Watering of golf course fairways, sports fields and cemetery lawns will be reduced to once per week.

For residents, lawn watering will now be restricted to one day a week.

  • Even numbered addresses – Monday morning only (4am-9am)
  • Odd numbered addresses – Thursday morning only (4am-9am)

Lawn sprinkling outside of the permitted hours and days is a by-law offence. City staff are actively on patrol for violations. Residents are encouraged to phone 3-1-1 to report violations or water leaks. The fine for a violation is $250, reflective of other minor by-law infractions, such as walking a dog off-leash or smoking in a public park or beach.

In Vancouver, lawns generally need only one inch of water for one hour a week to stay healthy and green. One hour of lawn sprinkling can use as much water as 25 toilet flushes, five loads of laundry and five dishwasher loads combined. The City encourages residents to be water wise throughout the summer and take action to reduce unnecessary water use in order to protect our drinking water supply.

 In addition to following the water restrictions, you can be water wise by:

  • Refraining from watering your lawn and let it go brown.
  • Reporting any leaks you notice on City or Park property (indicated when an area is wet when it has not rained).
  • Taking action to fix any leaks in your own home.
  • Ensuring that irrigation systems are functioning properly and not over watering.


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