Spring Gillard

Mission Accomplished

learningexchangeI went back to school in 2012 with the sole purpose of getting a full time job. I was tired of the freelance roller coaster. Last summer, I tested the waters and unexpectedly hooked a job at the UBC Learning Exchange. On the surface, “Coordinator of the English Conversation Program” didn’t seem to be related to the sustainability work I had been doing. Three weeks in, I realized I had my dream job in social sustainability. Problem was, it was a maternity leave. Today is my one year anniversary and I recently found out that my predecessor is not returning. I am thrilled to say, the job is mine! The adult education centre on the downtown eastside is built on a community development model. Everyone who comes in the door has talent and resources to share. I work with a talented team of people. Everyday I live my life in technicolour, getting to know all the amazing people who walk through the door to teach and to learn. Now if I can just finish the degree. At any rate, mission accomplished.

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