Best Breakfast Ever

yolksrstI went to Yolk’s for breakfast this week with my work gang to mark the end of our 15th Anniversary celebrations. Best breakfast ever – outside of my parents place that is. I had two eggs with Portobello mushroom, aioli and fresh arugula on English muffins, dusted with white cheddar. I split a side of the truffle-lemon hashbrowns with my neighbour. Every bite was an OMG. Perfect coffee was from 49th Parallel. A colleague ordered the hot chocolate, made with real Callebaut chocolate. To die for, according to her. There’s waffles and pancakes and Manmosa’s (beer & OJ). Seriously, I’m a breakfast person, why have I never heard of this place? The sunny little spot lights up no man’s land at Clark & Hastings, and is well worth a trip from Kits. They have a food cart and a food truck too. Hopefully they park on the west side occasionally.

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