Magic in the Air

MECHANIC-MOBILE-BIKE-PROSHOP-Velofix-Ron-Sombilon-Photography-20-EditAs I rode to work yesterday morning, I was thinking that I needed to get some air in my tires. When and where could I do it? I wondered. It’s not as convenient anymore now that so many gas stations charge for their air. Then as I was approaching Science World I saw a cluster of people at a table. One of them called out to me, Do you need a tune-up? I stopped. No, but do you have any air? Sure enough, they did. They were Velofix, the Mobile Bike Proshop – with air and every bike fixing tool you could imagine in their van. They make house calls, or will come to you no matter where you are. When I arrived at work that morning and told my boss about my experience, he said I had magical powers and should buy a lottery ticket. Hmmm, then I could manifest a brand new bike.

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