Recycle All Your Plastics


Westsiders can drop off all the plastics that don’t go in the recycling bins at a convenient depot in Kitsilano. If you miss the Thursday, you can also drop off at Lord Byng School on the third Saturday of every month. It’s on August 16th this month. Here’s what you can bring.

Soft plastics (packaging, i.e., cheese wrapping)•Hard plastics (like those soda bottle caps)•Styrofoam (blocks, containers, cups, take-out, peanuts)•Beverage containers (wax lined)•Milk cartons•Foil lined bags (chips, coffee)


@ Pocket Market, 8th & Vine

Thurs. Aug 14, 4-7 pm

Thurs. Sept 18, 4-7 pm

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