Prize Zucchini

zukesWhen I got back from holidays, my garden was heaving with zucchinis. Guess my garden caretaker isn’t a zuke fan. One of the summer squashes was so big I had trouble carrying the eight-pounder home. I wasn’t able to get it to the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) in time for the judging, and had no desire to stuff the giant club, so I began to search around for a home for it. None of my friends wanted the green gift, so I called all the nearby westside meal providers I could think of, but no go. We have no food bank on the west side either (except for the one at UBC). Even though we have hungry people in Kitsilano, all of the food donations you drop into bins in neighbourhood stores wind up on the downtown eastside.

After a long search, I was finally able to give it to the First Nations Longhouse at UBC for their summer welcome back barbeque. I doubt that most people would be willing to go to that much effort to donate something in order to feed our own. Too bad there wasn’t a central location to drop off food on the westside so that it could be easily redistributed. It’s a project that’s dear to my heart, but it’s never quite gotten off the ground.

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