Packing It In


The little retail produce store at the Penticton packing house is closing. The store is operated by the BC Fruit Packers Cooperative (BCFPC). The co-op has approximately 500 grower members from the Kelowna, Summerland and Penticton areas. The store is one of the local secrets in Penticton, but it is especially important for low-income people. The store stocks local, mostly non-organic, in-season items such as potatoes, apples, pears, and even some soft fruits during the summer. I’ve heard through family and friends that the staff are very sad about the closure, and no one seems to understand why it is happening as the store is self-sustaining. I was told it was the co-op board that made the decision. I’ve been trying to find out more from some of my local farming sources, but haven’t turned up much yet. My Mom thinks it’s the other food retailers that are putting pressure on the board, but could this little out of the way spot really be a threat to the big chains (which often don’t sell local product anyways)? If anyone knows anything more, I would love to hear the full story.

You can write to the Board at: BCTFC, 1473 Water Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J6.

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  1. I contacted the kelowna office today and spoke with Shelley who did not have the knowledge of where the official release is regarding the closure, just that the closure would be sept/october of this year :S I was directed to contact Chris Pollak the marketing man ? I believe she said… which I did and will wait for more information to be given when he phones back. I would be more than happy to sign a petition and to post it to the near 7000 members of the okanagan groups of which I am involved to get the message out but need more information regarding the petition. Please forward it to me via this posting. Hope we beat the closure!

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