Victorian Bathroom


My friends know that I have a thing for bathrooms. Compost toilets of course and double seated outhouses, but I also happen to know where the nicest bathrooms in Vancouver are (my current fave is the Cactus Club in West Van). I suppose it’s my preoccupation with waste in general, but wherever I travel I find myself looking at bathrooms. In India I was fascinated by the bathroom in one fort. It was a hole in the floor like many of the bathrooms there, but it had large footprints in the polished concrete on either side of the depository so the King knew where to put his feet.handwash

I spotted this restroom in downtown Victoria. We have a couple of these free standing outdoor washrooms in Vancouver too. But I love the artwork on this one and the convenient tap on the outside so you can wash your hands after the deed. Nice touch Victoria! It also has solar-powered lighting and graffiti-proof coating. The Langley (Street) Loo as it is called, which is near Bastion Square, won the best bathroom in Canada contest!

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