Doubly Wasteful


Have you seen those Cottonelle TV commercials that try to make you feel unclean for not using flushable moist wipes in addition to toilet paper? Holy crap! As if flushing paper down the drain isn’t taxing enough for our sewer system, now we should add moist wipes as well? Waste isn’t the only concern, what about all those chemicals on your sensitive parts? Kimberly-Clark, the brand owners, posted three videos on the website to try to convince us that it is unnatural and uncleanly to not use their double “care routine.” The two-handed tango. The clean getaway. They actually have a contest to come up with a name for the practice. You wouldn’t wash your car, your hair or the table top without water, so why would you only use a dry tissue to wipe your behind? Bumper. Backside. They are more explicit in the videos to make the case that a dry clean is just not good enough.

I’m all for a wet clean, like taking a short shower after the morning constitution. Or, how about we do as they do in India, use water and forgo the paper entirely. I for one will be avoiding this particular brand for their wasteful and self-serving posterioring.

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