All About Impact

A few years ago I attended a workshop on networking put on by Vancouver Coastal Health for our network of food networks. The keynote speaker was Barbara McMillan. I’ll never forget the story she opened with. Her daughter Lauryn was working in a small village in Africa and had been hurt in a motorcycle accident. She had hit her head and they were worried about concussion. Barb got the early morning call and began the search for a doctor. Within a few calls, they found a Ugandan doctor, a relative of a Canadian colleague who happened to be in the same remote area, and who agreed to see Lauryn. Six degrees of separation, otherwise known as networking.

Barb’s co-facilitating a workshop next Friday in Vancouver called All About Impact. She will be speaking about increasing social impact by thinking like a network. Dr. Steve Patty, of Dialogues in Action, will focus on the evaluation side. “Too often we measure the wrong things in the wrong ways, ” says Patty. “Leaders who can think clearly about evaluating impact will be able to amplify the effectiveness of their organizations.”

I’m already signed up. Get more info and register here.

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