Singularly Un-Cellular

Last week Canadian Press contacted me to do an interview. They’d found my blog. And no they didn’t want to talk to me about food security, or find out if I was in the sustainability camp or the resilience camp. They didn’t even want to get advice on composting. They wanted to talk to me about the fact that I don’t own a cell phone.

“I noticed on your blog that you’ve written quite a lot about not having a cell phone,” said Lauren La Rose, the lifestyle reporter who contacted me.

Yup, singled out for being one of the few remaining people on the planet without a cell phone. So I did the interview. They sent a photographer over who took a picture of me with a cell phone in front of my mouth. It’s not a terribly flattering photo (neither of them, you’ll see what I mean) – makes me look my age (a fact they also mentioned for some reason, geesh).

It went out over the “wire” today; Canadian Press sells to other news outlets. You can read it in the Winnipeg Free Press and the National Post.

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