That’s the Spirit!

I recently gave a compost workshop at the Evergreen’s City Hall community garden. In addition to walking through the compost basics, I recommended a procedure for managing compost bins in a group setting. Always a challenge. I also mentioned a couple of other opportunities that would help the City to promote their programs. First, they could put some signage on the Earth Machine advertising their subsidized bin offer and listing the Compost Hotline as a helpful resource. It wouldn’t hurt to have one of their worm bins on display too and a sign telling people how they can sign up for a workshop and bin at City Farmer. And why not display a rainbarrel too? Seems like the garden could be used as a demonstration site in addition to a thriving community garden.

As I was walking up the steps to the garden, a rat ran across my path. I’m not kidding! As rats are everywhere in our city, I did recommend to the Evergreen staff that they add more hardware cloth (16 gauge 1/2″ wire mesh) to the wood and wire bins (the front slats) and also place a sheet of the mesh under the Earth Machine for added rodent resistance.

As not all community gardens can afford to pay for workshops, it would be great if the city could step in to help educate and train people. I think there is an opportunity here to do some lunch and learn sessions as well for staff and the surrounding community.

During the workshop, a man was just sitting on a bench in the garden, relaxing, enjoying the lush and peaceful setting. Another way these gardens benefit the community. Of course, some visitors get into the gardening spirit by night.

Hmmm, a beer garden on the City Hall lawn could help pay for a lot of the greenest city initiatives.

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