Penticton Community Garden

Penticton has only one community garden, but it’s a vibrant one. The garden was started 13 years ago atop Vancouver hill. The original site had 26 plots; they have just added another 25, thanks to the City donating another chunk of land. Just like other community gardens, this one had a long waiting list. Even with the 25 new plots, the wait list will likely continue. It would sure be nice to see another community garden at the south end of the city.

There’s been a large vacant lot behind my parents place for years. It’s privately owned, but many developers are now encouraging community gardens on their land. They know that property values increase with a garden presence, it not only beautifies the property, but performs a community service, helping people to grow some of their own food and get exercise. Some cities offer tax breaks when the developer allows a community garden to use the land. Yes, it’s temporary, but what isn’t? If you live in the Penticton area and want to get on the waiting list, call the society at 250-496-5226. If you just want to take a peek at the gardens, make sure you stop at The Bench for a latte and a bite when you do.

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  1. I agree with Mary Murkin. I, too, would like to see a community garden in the south end of Penticton.

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