Curves in the Road

I walk on this pathway at the corner of Burrard and Pacific in Vancouver each time I go for a swim at the Aquatic Centre. For a long time it was just a gravel path and not so curvy. Whenever I walk there, I am reminded of a story I heard.

A new college was built, somewhere in the States I think, and the administration decided not to put in the walkways right away. Instead, they waited a year to see where people would walk. They let the people define the pathways.

I often wonder if that was the case with this path too. Kind of wish it was still a permeable path, so much better to let the rain water soak into the ground. Still, I admire the waiting, allowing the pathway to reveal itself in its own time, instead of being too quick to cement the situation. Seems like a good way to approach life too.


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