Sheepish Man

Look what I found walking along 4th Avenue. My Kitsilano neighbourhood is so full of surprises. The guy and gal are walking ads for Icebreaker, a relative newcomer to the retail scene on 4th and the ever-growing number of chain stores. Even though I knew this was a gimmick, I couldn’t resist taking the picture. I drew the line at getting my picture taken with him.

I know I am now doing exactly what the company hoped by blogging about them, but when I went to their web site, I saw that they are in fact blog-worthy. They make light-weight outdoor clothing (including underwear) made from Merino wool harvested from, you guessed it, New Zealand Merino sheep. The natural fabric is soft and doesn’t itch – so even suitable for underwear. On their web site, you’ll find a very engaging story about their humble beginnings and how they grew to become a global company. They’re also making an effort to conduct themselves sustainably, and that includes ethical manufacturing practices.

The only item that caused me to scratch my head, was in the section on their supply partners, who they say, are mainly centred around Shanghai. But, they go on to say, they have also, “partnered with a French wool blender, a German spinner… a Japanese inspection service, a Chinese quality control company and a German logistics company.” Spot the partner that sticks out like, well, a guy in his underwear.


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