Family Album

My whole family spent this past Christmas at my brother’s condo on Apex Mountain in the Okanagan. I grew up skiing there, and it’s still my favourite mountain, even though it has changed a lot. Back then we used to slide down the bunny hill in the evenings, on trays from the cafeteria. Now they have a full-on tube park, open night and day. Not sure who loves it more, me or my six year old nephew. They also have a skating rink. This year, there was a friendly hockey game in progress, so we headed over to the skating trail that loops through the forest. It was absolutely beautiful, with snow laden trees and a little creek running along side us. The next day, I went cross country skiing with friends, a ten minute drive away. Some of the gang went downhill skiing. There’s a range of runs and lifts and no line-ups! The weather was perfect, so was the snow. It is times like these that make me think I might want to move back to Penticton one day, as many of my friends have already done. If you’ve had the same thought, check out my brother Todd’s development in Summerland, it’s called Sedona Heights. My brother Don (who has moved back) and I did the spiffy new web site for Todd’s 50th birthday, which was yesterday. Ouch!

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