A Sweet View

My Green Roofs and Living Walls tour this past Wed night turned out to be a real treat on a summer evening. Wanted to share some of the pictures. Dr. Tara Moreau gave us a wonderful, brisk overview (I gave her 20 min!) of the SPEC roof top garden program.

We were able to peer over the edge to see the green roof atop the City Farmer cob garden shed as well.

Geneviève Noël of Mubi was up on a ladder when we arrived at Greens Organic & Natural Market, trimming up the living wall. She showed us that it is very possible to grow food vertically; she has coastal strawberries growing amid other native plants.

Randy Sharp had set up a step ladder too so we could get very close to the sedums and other coastal natives he has growing on his darling garage green roof. Oh and the backyard bunnies were quite a hit too.

Then we all piled into Assefa Kebede’s front yard for the best finish to a tour yet! Assefa had freshly made homous and pita bread waiting for us. He owns the Nyala remember. And here’s the roof tie in, he has beehives on his! So yes, we had spoonfuls of honey fresh from the comb. We mopped up any remnants with the pita. And finally there was the honey wine. Fortunately it was a walking tour.

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