Fresh Food in a Food Desert

We got some funding through United Way to do a series of pocket markets this season. It is an interesting juggling act trying to support local farmers and still make the food affordable to seniors on fixed incomes. We had our first market a week ago and bought way too much food, but the leftovers went to our very grateful west side social service agencies, who are strapped for resources and still manage to feed people. It is particularly satisfying to see the market happening in the South Granville area – a food desert. There used to be an assortment of green grocers, bakeries and butchers, now there is one, very high end gourmet grocer. When we did a price comparison, their conventional produce was higher than organic at Capers. Many seniors travel quite a distance to get to the nearest, more affordable store.

All are welcome at our markets, so come on out and support us!

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and the South Granville Seniors Centre will host “pocket markets” from the end of June through mid-September this year. These small, temporary markets will help to bring fresh produce closer to where people live, and in particular seniors who may have trouble accessing nutritious food. The fruits and vegetables will be purchased from local farmers, but the markets themselves will be run by Kits House staff and volunteer members of the Westside Food Security Collaborative (WFSC). Pocket markets support local farmers, increase access to healthy food and strengthen the community food system. Vouchers will be available to low income seniors through west side social service agencies. The pocket markets are being offered with the support of the WFSC; funding is provided by United Way. More information and dates on the Kits House web site.

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