Lovin’ Langley

I am speaking about food security at an event in Langley on Saturday hosted by the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS) and the Township of Langley. The Green Living Symposium winds up Waterweeks and kicks off Waste Reduction week in Langley. Other speakers include Ian Lai, founder of the Terra Nova Schoolyard Society and coordinator of Evergreen‘s Community Gardens Outreach; and Helen Spiegelman, coordinator of Zero Waste Vancouver, Co-founder and President of the Product Policy Institute. There will be a special screening and discussion of Annie Leonard’s The Story of Stuff.

Langley has both rural and urban areas, but three quarters of the Township is actually in the Agricultural Land Reserve. Yet even though the region is highly agricultural with an abundance of local food production, until this year, you would have been hard pressed to buy local there. Most of the food was being exported – “ a lot of it to other markets in the lower mainland. So you could buy Langley produce at the Vancouver Farmers’ Markets, but not in Langley. In fact there was no farmers’ market there until this year. For more info, check out LEPS’ agricultural stewardship program.  Hope to learn more myself this weekend.

After my talk, my friend and I will dine at Bacchus Bistro at Domaine de Chaberton Winery, a spot that prides itself in using fresh local ingredients. It is the day after my birthday after all and still well within the reasonable celebration time frame. After that we will visit Vista D’Oro Farm, my favourite farm and the one I take people to on all of my farm tours. This gorgeous, multi-faceted small farm operation makes their own delicious artisinal preserves like Turkish Fig with Walnut Wine and Green Tomato Garam Masala. They also produce their own wines now. Shopping at their beautiful Farmgate shop is always a treat.

Green Living Symposium
When: Saturday, October 17th
Time: 10:00am – “ 3:00pm
Where: Fraser River Presentation Theatre, Township of Langley Civic Facility, 20338- 65th Avenue
Cost: FREE!

Presented by the Langley Environmental Partners Society and the Township of Langley.

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