Out in a Yard

David Tracey and I are doing a series of podcasts, exploring the question: Can Urban Agriculture Save the World?

Today we are standing in a front yard with Cam MacDonald. Cam doesn’t have a yard. He farms in other people’s yards around the city. Although he doesn’t say it here, rumour has it he got his garden training growing indoor crops, as many of our special brand of west coast gardeners have. But now he is strictly a fruit and veggies man.

I would like to hang a video camera at one of Cam’s gardens, not just to follow his progress, but mostly because we could call it the Cam cam.

Runs 14:42


Podcast ISBN: 978-1-926758-00-8

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  1. It’s stories and photos like this that make me hanker for civilization every now and then. LOVE the front yard gardens and thrilled to hear Vancouver has (finally) allowed backyard chickens. It’s almost, ALMOST enough to get me to rethink my remote lifestyle choice!



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